Real Estate & Property Law

His bilingual real estate practice team has vast local knowledge and continued awareness of the challenging business environment in the real estate market mainly in India,UAE,UK,USA,Canada and other countries . Complemented by the expertise of his corporate and dispute resolution team, he and his team advise sellers, buyers, developers, brokers, property owners and tenants on the full spectrum of real estate transactions. He and his team also provide assistance in landlord & tenant dispute. Their practice includes representation in sale, purchase, lease or management of commercial and residential real estate, development of projects, and all matters of property disputes. In particular, he and his team provide assistance and advice in the following:


1. Legal affairs related to Clients & Customers:

  • Providing opinion and legal advice related to clients problems.
  • Activating the financial collection system through friendly legal means (verbal follow-up and performance orders).
  • Follow-up and representation of the company in the financial, criminal and commercial claims for transactions with customers (either against or in favor of the company).
  • Covering all types of cases before Arbitration or State Courts.

2. Legal Affairs related to Government Agencies and other companies:

  • Preparation and approval of all transactions related to licenses and legal registration of the company to all government agencies.
  • Representation of the company in any legal dispute arising from transactions with government agencies.
  • Follow-up and representation of the company in disputes related to Banks & Financial Institutions and Insurance companies.
  • Represent the company with the problems of the law offices by proving the professional error by legal means and demanding refund of fees or compensation in case of serious mistakes.

3. Legal Affairs Related to Employees:

  • Provide opinion and legal advice regarding the labor law and laws governing the employee's relationship with the company.
  • Review of internal investigations on violations by employees.
  • Establishment and development of regulations covering the professional conduct of the company.
  • Follow-up and representation of the company in civil, labor and criminal cases filed by employees.
  • Develop plans and training programs to ensure optimal compliance with the company's rules and regulations.

4. Contracts and Agreements:

  • Review the contracts and agreements prepared by the company and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Formulation of any other contracts created to cover other activities and interests of the company.

5. Intellectual Property:

  • Formulation of internal intellectual property regulations.
  • Follow-up and representation of the company in any dispute arising out of the exploitation of intellectual property without company permission.
  • Preparation of the registration of the intellectual properties of the company with the accredited official bodies.

 6. Landlord and Tenant Dispute

  • When a landlord and tenant disagree and cannot find an amicable solution between themselves, the dispute may escalate to the point that legal action is needed in order to resolve the situation.
  • If you are a landlord or a tenant and find yourself unable to resolve a dispute amicably, MUHAMMED YASAR Lawyer & Legal Consultant is ready to assist and give you a legal advice to understand your rig